Pattaya Music Festival

The best music festival on the beach

The Pattaya International

Music Festival

also known as the Pattaya Music Festival, is an annual music event held in Pattaya, Thailand. The festival showcases a wide range of music genres and features both local and international artists. The event typically spans several days and attracts music enthusiasts and tourists from around the world.

The festival boasts multiple musical performances and stages to cater to diverse musical tastes. Genres featured at the event include rock, pop, hip-hop, electronic dance music (EDM), and more, all known for creating a lively and energetic atmosphere. Attendees can enjoy performances from various artists throughout the day and night.

The festival is organized by the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) and takes place throughout March 2023. It includes “PATTAYA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2023,” a beach concert that allows attendees to savor music while relaxing to the sound of ocean waves, and it’s provided free of charge. The event will be held on Friday and Saturday in March 2023.

3-4 March 202310-11 March 202317-18 March 202324-25 March 2023
▪️ North Pattaya Beach Stage, Dusit Curve (Main stage)

▪️ North Pattaya Beach Stage, Soi 6

▪️ Central Pattaya Beach Stage
Jomtien Beach StageNorth Pattaya Beach Stage, Dusit Curve (Main stage)North Pattaya Beach Stage, Dusit Curve (Main stage)